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Any work performed by Golden Claws Studio must be credited on all media (physical or digital). In case of presentation of the production team by the artist during an interview or press article, Golden Claws Studio must also be cited.

For example :

Mastered by Mathis Kolkoz at Golden Claws Studio

Recorded ... Produced by JP Hauray at Golden Claws Studio


Any work done by one of our engineers must be able to be used free of charge for the promotion of Golden Claws Studio.


In the event of a contribution relating to artistic content created / edited by one of the engineers of the Golden Claws Studio, a percentage of participation will be negotiated beforehand and agreed between the songwriters when the songs concerned are deposited in an approved body (SACEM, etc ... ).



A deposit of 50% of all musical production / mixing / mastering costs for confirmed studio sessions must be paid in advance and 50% of the final payment must be made upon delivery of the final masters.


Upon confirmation of a reservation, cancellation or postponement fees of 30% apply.

Any song less than 10 minutes in length is classified as 1 song, and any subsequent 10 minute intervals will be counted as additional songs and billed additionally at the originally agreed rates.



- Disclaimer -

All work done by Golden Claws Studio must be validated by the artist. Once this validation has been carried out, any modification of the files will initiate a new studio session. Any subsequent problem related to digital errors or file transfers is the sole responsibility of the artist.


Sending files (stems / premasters) must be done in one go via wetransfer / google drive / dropbox.


Any changes to the supplied stems must be specified and approved prior to the start of the mixing step. Any replacement of stems during the mixing stage which will cause additional work will be liable to incur additional costs.


Any changes to premasters must be specified and approved before the start of the mastering stage. Any replacement of premaster during the mastering stage, which will result in additional work, may incur additional costs.



This Privacy Policy describes our practices for collecting, using and disclosing your information through our digital properties (the "Services") when you access the Services from your device.


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